Inclusive business strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Over the course of the previous few years, Eastern and Southern Management Institute (ESAMI), a co-lead partner in the NWO/WOTRO project 'Inclusive Business Models in Africa', has been collaborating with the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University and the NABC in carrying out a number of activities including Research and Executive trainings.

The participating parties share their research findings with the stakeholders, and offer further tips on how companies can become more inclusive they are organizing a series of stakeholder dialogues in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Addis Ababa.

The research project is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aspires to understand how Inclusive Business Models can be deployed for a competitive business strategy while at the same time contributing to inclusive growth. The stakeholder dialogues will bring together leading European and African Companies that are frontrunners in the areas of inclusive business strategy and environmental sustainability.

For more information on the project please follow this link for the attached interim results of the project.

For further information please visit the websites of ESAMI or NWO/WOTRO

Inclusiveness is not a luxury but a necessity and new dynamics require new approaches.

Lead Consortium Partners



Rotterdam School of Management - Partnership Resource Center




The Eastern and Southern African Management Institute - Arusha




Netherlands-African Business Council

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Dutch Partners

In this project we work closely together with following Dutch firms, NGOs and governmental bodies:

African Partners: Ethiopia

The following Ethiopian partners joined the project:

African Partners: Uganda & Rwanda

Companies and NGOs from Uganda that are part of the project are:

Barefoot Power

The following partners from Rwanda joined the project:


African Partners: Tanzania & Mozambique

Tanzanian partners:

Mozambican partners:

Documents, Publications and Photos

You can download the available documents that are open for the worldwide web here:

- Project Description (download)

- Project Presentation (download)

- Executive Tranings Report Kampala & Rotterdam (download).

You can find pictures here:

- Pictures of the kick-off meeting and executive training in Arusha on 20-21 March 2015 (click)

Partnerships are crucial to make you become more inclusive.