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Envoy of the ‘new’ Sudan visits NABC

Published on: 03-Feb-2020

NABC was honoured to receive Dr. Siddig Tawer Kafi Aburas, a Minister in Sudan’s Transitional Sovereignty Council on January 31st, 2020. Sudan has gone through a remarkable revolution in 2019, that included ousting of longtime leader Omer Al-Bashir in April last year and was followed by the establishment of the Transitional Sovereignty Council – consisting of 11 Ministers, divided between 6 civilians (including Minister Tawer Kafi Aburas) and 5 representatives of the security forces. 

“We came to the Netherlands to make clear that Sudan has left the decades of dictatorship behind us and that we now focus on three things: peace in all regions of Sudan, including Darfur, rebuilding our institutions and getting our economy back on track,” the Minister, who was accompanied by a high-level delegation (see below) and the Sudanese State Television, said. 

“Sudan is ready to open a new chapter and we would like our longstanding friends, including the Netherlands, to be part of that,” according to Dr. Tawer Kafi. Fear of sanctions and difficulties with sending money to and from the country have made entrepreneurs reluctant. Although economic sanctions imposed by the US ended in 2017, Sudan is yet to be removed from the list of ‘state-sponsors of terrorism,’ making it nearly impossible for Western banks to do direct business with the country. 

“Talks with the US are ongoing about that topic, with the IMF, World Bank and a group called ‘ Friends of Sudan’ -that includes the Netherlands- on board,” Minister Tawer Kafi Aburas added. “We hope that we can soon start doing business again.” Relations between the Netherlands and Sudan have greatly improved in recent months. “We are excited that Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade Sigrid Kaag will visit Sudan in February,” Minister Tawer Kafi Aburas concluded. 

Picture left-right: Mr. Mohammed Ali Mohammed Altoam, HE Ambassador Mohammed Elghazali Eltigani Sirrag, HE Dr. Siddig T. Kafi Aburas, Mr. Peter de Ruiter, Managing Director of NABC, HE Ambassador Kamal Bashir Ahmed, Ambassador to the Netherlands, Arne Doornebal (NABC), Dr. Sami Musa (CTO of V&A Photonics). 

NABC’s Arne Doornebal visited Sudan in 2018 and wrote this article about business opportunities in that country.


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