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Kas-be-kas enkulal begru yhedal (Step by step, an egg starts walking)

Published on: 29-Jan-2015

The age-old discussion about whether the egg or the chicken came first is a moot point for the poultry industry. Both eggs and chickens offer many opportunities and are in great demand worldwide. The Netherlands has always been one of the frontrunners in the poultry industry. At the start of 2012 NABC initiated the Holland-Africa Poultry Partners (HAPP), as part of the 2g@there programme of RVO Netherlands. The goals of this group of companies and knowledge institutes are: the development of the poultry sector in Africa; a strong positioning of the Dutch industry; and knowledge dissemination.

The HAPP focuses on Ethiopia, one of the premier upcoming markets in Africa. Ethiopia is potentially one of the biggest markets for poultry products in the world, but currently the poultry sector is dealing with value chain inefficiencies and relatively high prices for poultry products. Furthermore, proper practical courses on commercial poultry farming are hardly present in Ethiopia’s educational system and technologies for more efficient operations are not available to farmers. Therefore, the establishment of a practical National Poultry Training Centre, with Dutch equipment, has been one of the most important goals since the start of the HAPP.

The extensive knowledge, experience and technology of the HAPP-partners will make this Training Centre a reality. In the coming years, hundreds of Ethiopian poultry farmers, animal husbandry students and other important stakeholders in the sector can be trained in practical poultry farm management. This will fill a gap and is an important step towards a bigger and cheaper supply of protein-rich products, like eggs and chicken meat. The centre will be located at the EIAR (Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research) in Bishoftu. The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture is financing the construction of the two farm houses, while the HAPP is supplying and installing the automatic equipment, including a solar energy system for the layer house. The centre will cover both the production of eggs (layer chickens) and chicken meat (broiler chickens). It will be officially opened in the first week of March 2015 by the HAPP, their Ethiopian partners and the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa. Another positive development is that the Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association (EPPA) has now become fully operational through advisory support by the HAPP and financial support by Agriterra and the Agri-Business Support Facility.

EPPA has hired a professional general manager and is forming its strategic plan for the coming years, including targeted training sessions for new and established Ethiopian poultry farmers. This means that the sector now has a representative body for interaction with the government and other important stakeholders and that cooperation in the private poultry sector is stimulated. The EPPA will be responsible for translating the needs of those in the field for implementation in the comprehensive training programs of the centre.

If you would like to meet future incoming Ethiopian poultry delegations, host a company visit or if you would like to hear more about upcoming poultry related trade missions and trade fairs, please visit the HAPP website: or contact Hilde Duns at or the local representative in Addis Ababa, Auke Boere, at


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