The Algerian Netherlands Business Council located in Algiers, Algeria, is dedicated to building bridges between private enterprises in the Netherlands and Algeria, as well as the respective central and local governments.

We work with companies from both sides of the Mediterranean that aim to achieve their goals by going beyond their own borders, and thereby facilitate these ambitious companies with the possibility to tap into the resources and opportunities offered by the other side. As North Africa is developing at a fast pace and hugely investing in all facets of the economy, our work further opens up business opportunities that will contribute to growth, whilst allowing for an exchange of expertise and know-how.

Our core business is to facilitate the introduction of your organization and your products in Algeria and the Netherlands, by offering guidance in your establishment as a trusted and sustainable partner from day one. We have strong ties with local enterprises, government organizations, ministries and embassies, and provide objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across the Maghreb region. By offering our services in Dutch, French, English, and Arabic, the Algerian Netherlands Business Council ensures that language will not pose a barrier to your business ambitions.

You are kindly invited to contact our staff (see email/phone number below) and find out how we can cooperate.

Support & Services


The CAAN will guide your business in setting up the right contacts, dealing with the administrative and legal issues, and provide you with the required business and marketing insights relevant to Algeria.

The CAAN will support you in:

  • Organizing a fully customized trade mission
  • Building a sustainable network
  • Bridging the cultural differences
  • Creating awareness, engagement, and commitment to your goals
  • Facilitating the exploration of new opportunities and partners required to ensure your business’ sustainability
  • Representing your company, brand, products and services in the Netherlands and Algeria
  • Providing feedback and acting as a sparring-partner
  • Guiding you through business development and growth.
  • Any other customized support your business requires

Our services include:

  • Lobbying
  • Marketing development
  • Managing your start-up
  • Establishing your legal entity
  • Selection of partners
  • Consolidating strategic partnerships
  • Attracting local management if and when needed
  • Channel development
  • Sales development
  • Representing your organization in the Netherlands and Algeria
  • Participating in trade fairs and events in different sectors in Algeria and the Netherlands.

Upcoming Trade Missions

Incoming Mission from Francophone Africa
October 29, 2017 - November 04, 2017
Poultry Trade Mission to Uganda & Rwanda
October 02, 2017 - October 06, 2017
Spices Trade Mission to Madagascar
November 04, 2017 - November 10, 2017
November 27, 2017 - November 30, 2017
Holland Pavilion at the Agrofood West Africa, Accra, Ghana
December 04, 2017 - December 07, 2017

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Contact details

Address:  Tour Algeria Business Center (ABC) Pins Maritimes- El Mohamamdia. Algeria

Phone N°: +213 21 89 15 08

Mobile: +213 549 239 205

Meet the Algeria team

Nouria Ouibrahim

Position: Regional Manager North Africa

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Jochem Jan Lambers

Position: Young Expert Professional (YEP Water)

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