Healthy and Quality Vegetables from Ghana through New Ways of Doing Business

GhanaVeg is public-private initiative for commercial vegetable sector development in Ghana, initiated (and funded) by the Netherlands Embassy in Accra in line with efforts towards prioritizing commercial agriculture in its 4-year Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (2014-2017). The program is coordinated by the Wageningen UR- CDI, IFDC and NABC and brings together key service providers, producers, processors, traders and wholesale/retailers in the vegetable sector in Ghana. 

The strategic programme's mission is to establish a sustainable and internationally competitive vegetable sector that contributes to inclusive economic growth in Ghana and has the capacity to continuously innovate in terms of products and services. To this effect, GhanaVeg envisages to support the Ghana vegetable sector through Business Platforms (4x per year), support of the Export Taskforce and the Ghana Green Label, funding innovative ideas and research proposals and trade missions and B2B matchmaking. 

Specific emphasis is put on attracting the Dutch private sector to invest in or trade with Ghana. The Netherlands-African Business Council is responsible for the organization of the business to business (B2B) activities related to this goal as well as ensuring general knowledge of GhanaVeg to the Dutch target group, all stakeholders from the Dutch horticulture sector with an interest in Africa and Ghana in specific.

Our next event will take place on the 1st of December 2016: a roundtable for companies and other stakeholders from the Dutch horticulture sector with an interest in doing business in Ghana or already doing business in Ghana. To join this event, register here.

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