Impact Cluster Seeds 4 Change Nigeria

From the 1st of January 2019, NABC and 6 NABC members have started a 3-year impact cluster program. The program, Seeds4Change (S4C) will be implemented in North Nigeria with a focus on access to improved inputs and capacity building.

The S4C program aims for the following:

Development of the vegetable sector in Kano by the provision of high- quality input materials: hybrid vegetable seeds and biological crop protection. The improved seeds will be tested to select the suitable varieties with the right traits/resistances for the local agronomic conditions and market. Next to trial sites, the project will set up demonstration farms, demonstrating the performance of improved inputs and improved cultivation practices. The trial and demonstration farms will be supported by capacity building activities, educational events and knowledge transfer focusing on crop management, good agricultural practices and the enabling environment.
S4C Coordinator: NABC
S4C companies: Koppert, East West Seed, Rijk Zwaan, Syngenta, Bakker Brothers, Enza Zaden
S4C Partners: 2SCALE/ IFDC and WorldVeg
For all information, news, and future developments of the program, visit our dedicated S4C website.

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Anitra van der Kraan

Program Manager Agribusiness

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