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The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) has taken part in the MFS II Project for Liberia, which has been initiated by the United Entrepreneurship Coalition (UEC), and which takes place from January 2011 up to December 2016. The overall objective of this project is to reduce poverty, to create jobs and to improve the entrepreneurial climate within Liberia.

The multi-sectoral trade mission to Liberia was part of this project. The objective of this mission was threefold:

  1. To connect local businesses with international companies, which might create further options for development;
  2. To provide connection opportunities for international business to do business in Liberia;
  3. To develop the capacity of local players to facilitate B2B and coordinate trade missions.



Trade mission details

From November 18, 2012
Till November 22, 2012
Freetown, Liberia