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Djibouti has a favorable geo-strategic location to position itself as the transport and shipping hub for the regional neighbors and controlling access to theRed Sea and Indian Ocean. Djibouti’s business climate has significantly improved throughout the past years resulting in a top 25% ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report in terms of trade across borders. FDI has been one of the main drivers of the country’s economic growth, which has been stable around 4.5% and is expected at to reach an average of 5.8% between 2014-2017 in 2013.

Djibouti offers ample opportunities in the Port Development and Agri-logistics sectors as the country serves as a key refueling and transshipment center, and is the principal maritime port for imports to and exports from neighboring Ethiopia.The servicing sector, dominated by ports and logistics, accounts for 3/4th of the country’s economy. Additionally, Djibouti is home to one of the most liberal economic regimes where the banking and finance industry are almost unrestricted.

Port Development
The coming 3 years, the port authorities are planning to invest over US $5.88 billion in the country’s ports and associated infrastructure. Further expansion of the Doraleh Container Terminal is part of these investment plans. Inter alia funded by the Saudi Fund for Development, a new port is being constructed at Tadjourah in the north of Djibouti.

Furthermore, agro-logistics are very important, especially when considering Djibouti’s hinterland Ethiopia. Djibouti’s port for 70 % is occupied by import and export activities to and from Ethiopia,containing for a large part agricultural products. An important development in agro-logistics is the increasing shift from airfreight towards reefertransport, with cooled road containers and consequently ships with on board cooling facilities (or use of the same containers as for air transport). Through this development, transport over land and sea has become more attractive for companies in a number of agri-business sectors, e.g.horticulture, crop management, livestock products, etc. 


For a detailed evaluation regarding this very successful trade mission to Djibouti click here.


The programme of the mission is set up in such a way for you to really build the foundation for strong relations with your potential business partners.

The mission will start with a plenary session that will give you more insight in Djibouti’s business climate and business opportunities.  The most important aspect of the mission is the ‘matchmaking session’ during which you have tailor-made coordinated appointments with potential business partners. Following these individual appointments, are company visits or visits to government authorities. We also give you time to follow-up on your matchmaking contacts, while the networking sessions (reception & dinner) give you the opportunity to acquire new contacts and strengthen your business relations.

During the mission you will have coordinated meetings with potential business partners. These meetings are organized based upon your requests that you will formulate during your intake with us. Company visits will be organized in small (sector-specific) groups, these give you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Djibouti and the existing companies.

For the precise details about the programme of the Djibouti trade mission, please click here.

Practical information

Port Development and Agro-logistics but open to companies from other sectors

12-15 May 2014 

Participation fee:
EUR 750,- ex. VAT 

EUR 200,- out-of-pocket costs (Includes: collective local transport (by car), collective local lunches and one collective dinner)

Does not include: please note, the participation fee does not include visa, accommodation or flights.

Country facts:
Capital City:                      Djibouti City
Official Languages:            French and Arabic
Population:                       792.198 (est. 2013)                            


Please click on the image to download the Djibouti Fact Sheet.


Ik wil jullie allemaal bedanken voor de uitstekend georganiseerde missie in Djibouti. Het was een uitstekend programma en ik denk dat het voor iedereen heel waardevol was. Daarnaast gaf de receptie op de Evertsen wel een heel speciale dimensie aan het geheel.

Jan Prins, Bedrijf: Jittu Horticulture


Ook pk trucks heeft ook deelgenomen aan de handelsmissie naar Djibouti. De reden hiervoor was om bestaande klanten te ontmoeten en het leggen van nieuwe contacten tijdens een officiële handelsmissie. Het leggen van nieuwe contacten is erg lastig, maar via deze missie zijn we toch in contact gekomen met nieuwe partijen. Het zal een tijd duren eer men met concrete aanvragen komt, maar de basis is gelegd. Al met al was het voor pk trucks een geslaagde missie, met 2 concrete aanvragen van reeds bestaande relaties op zak. 

Patrick Onderwater, Bedrijf: pk trucks



For a detailed evaluation regarding this very successful trade mission to Djibouti click here.


Trade mission details

From May 12, 2014
Till May 15, 2014
Djibouti city, Djibouti