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This event includes two seminars and B2B matchmaking activities, and thus provides a set of business opportunities for Dutch companies that either:

  • seek to expand their current business-network in Uganda
  • consider investing in Ugandan companies
  • are willing to do business with Ugandan parties 


List of participants 

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The Ugandan agricultural sector is an interesting investment opportunity for Dutch companies, due to the stability of the country, increased investment opportunities and improved infrastructure. Moreover, the Ugandan market can be considered as highly competitive and vibrant. It comprises of both large and small scale agricultural and processing firms (business entities). 

The Ugandese market consists of food crops (such as plantains, cassava, sweet potatoes, millet, sorghum, maize, beans, groundnuts and sesame), livestock and export crops (coffee, cotton, tea and tobacco). Some high value crops (e.g. cut flowers and certain vegetables and fresh fruits, are also being exported. The agricultural products are regulated by the weather and products comes from all the regions of the country -except Karamoja.

There is high competition in the supply market between the large scale suppliers who have warehouses, machines and the capital to finance their activities and the small scale entities that lack machines and have to acquire loans to run their business. Sometimes, the general supply many not meet demands if the rain patterns change and this causes a shortage both at the household level and at the market level. Business opportunities arise in the following sectors: cold-chain, warehousing, import, export and organic production. 


For registration on 

April 8 pleace click on the green "Register Now" button

April 10 please click here

Exactly the same Ugandan companies are present on both days


Program in short

 9.30       Registration

10.00     Seminar

Speeches by: Rabobank, Uganda Investment Authority, Dutch and Ugandan etrepreneurs

12.00     Networking lunch

14.00     Individual match-making

16.00     Winding-up

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Please click here for a list of participants 


Practical information

A list of participants


Please click here for a list of participants 



Tuesday, April 8: Tomato World, Zwethlaan 2, Honselersdijk (Westland)

Thursday April 10: Provincie Gelderland, Markt 11, 6811 CG Arnhem

Trade mission details

From April 06, 2014
Till April 12, 2014
070-304 3618