In 1946 K.P. van der Mandele, together with his business and academic relations, established the Africa Institute. Anticipating the changing political and economic landscape, the goal of the Africa Institute was to establish new economic relations with the soon-to-be independent African nations. After some years, the scientific part of the Institute moved to Leiden University, where it still resides as the African Studies Centre. The business portion of the African Institute continued its work and evolved to become the key organisation representing the business interests of Dutch companies in Africa. The Institute was eventually rebranded as the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), and it continues to this day to be the leading network organisation providing the platform for enhancing business between the Netherlands and Africa.

The NABC has a membership of over 300 Dutch companies ranging from large multinationals to small and medium sized companies in various sectors, has amassed an extended network of around 5,000 African business contacts, and enjoys collaborative relationships with Dutch knowledge institutions, NGO’s, and the Dutch government. This positions the organisation uniquely between the public and private sector, and ushers in a significant increase of bilateral trade and investment.

Our young and dynamic team aims to connect Dutch companies with the tremendous economic opportunities Africa has to offer. With our extensive experience and knowledge and our elaborate network, we are in a unique position to support Dutch companies in creating and developing business on the African continent. The NABC is at the forefront of creating mutually beneficial relationships between the Netherlands and Africa, which result in sustainable economic development. 



The NABC promotes commerce in Africa by providing Dutch companies with the tools they need to succeed in the various regions and markets across the continent. By hosting multiple events throughout the year, NABC is able to provide their members and associates with valuable networking opportunities that solidify new B2B and B2G relationships. The Annual Ambassadors Dinner and the Africa Works! conference are prime examples of such events. In addition, NABC seminars, workshops and match-making sessions provide professionals with the occasion to coalesce around the overarching goal of doing business in Africa.

Over the years, NABC has hosted more than 60 trade missions in Africa and over 50 in the Netherlands. These missions are carried out to facilitate the exchange of both tangible and non-tangible assets between regional entrepreneurs. They allow both African and Dutch businesses to become familiar with the practices, strategies and technologies used in their respective regions, and often usher in fruitful business relationships. The NABC has extensive experience with trade missions to and from nearly every African nation, and because they often target multiple industries, they are profitable in multiple ways. Close cooperation between NABC, the Dutch embassies and other local agencies makes it possible for companies to begin or to further expand enterprises in Africa.

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The NABC is run by a young and dynamic team. Become better acquainted with the people who work hard every day to provide the best service to our members. 

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